Home Loans

Low rate home loans from people you can trust.

Home Equity Line Of Credit

Unlock the equity you've built up in your home with a Home Equity Line of Credit from your credit union. You can use the loan for any purpose. Whether you're adding a family room, remodeling your kitchen, redecorating - whatever the reason. The credit line is there when you need it.

SCCECU HELOC loans represent an outstanding value with a very low variable rate. A real estate secured loan may provide significant tax advantages for you (consult with your tax advisor).

Home Equity Term Loans

SCCECU Home Equity Term Loans provide a low fixed rate opportunity to unlock the built up equity in your home. It's the perfect loan for home improvements and may provide significant tax advantages for you (consult with your tax advisor).

1st Mortgage Purchase and Refinance Loans

SCCECU and CU Members Mortgage have teamed up to offer our members extremely competitive 1st Mortgage Loans for either the purchase of a home or the refinancing of existing home loans with significantly lower closing costs to you.

We offer a full menu of more than 150 competitively priced mortgage programs for every kind of financial situation and every stage of life. Diverse down payment options and terms give you a wide ranges of choices. You always have the option of choosing a loan with no out of pocket costs to you. Our homebuyers handbook is a great tool in assisting you with selecting the home and mortgage loan that fits your needs.

If you would like to discuss your mortgage options, or are ready to submit an application, please call 831-479-7600 during regular business hours.